Robert Pakonis


Robert joined Acorn Financial Services in 2000 as a new agent after completing his undergraduate studies at Villanova University.  At Acorn, he started under a program that specialized in long-term care insurance.  He is a certified long-term care specialist, CLTC and continues to utilize these skills to helps clients and other agents. 

In 2003 he branched out into a management role specializing in life insurance planning and helps to run and design the life insurance department at Acorn, known as Acorn Direct.  With Acorn Direct, Robert also works with agents from other firms who utilize the skills and resources he can provide to help grow their insurance business.     

Robert’s life insurance expertise is focused on helping Acorn agents, agents from other firms as well as his own clients.  He helps individuals, families and businesses plan to protect their futures with the use of a variety of different insurance products and advanced planning concepts.